2 Handlers per car in pits

Effective 3/12/2021- USAC National Rule Update:

1707-Designated Work Area-USAC Work Rule

1a) a usac25 handler or alternate handler membership is required to be in the pit area.

2) a maximum of two handlers per car will be allowed in the hot chute. 

If a vendor wishes to be in the pit work area they will need to be listed as handler for a car, must be a usac25 member, and must be 1 of the 2 handlers for the car on the track at that time. 

For the upcoming DS race in NG we will have enough vest in the pit area for each car to have 2 vest on handlers. If you do not have on a vest you will be asked to leave the pits.

Junior Handlers

Effective 3/9/2021

Modified Handler Age: 16 and up (unless approved as an exception through USAC), to be in the hot chute or the work area. As of 3/9/2021, handlers under age 18 may not work a corner as a handler or go onto the track during a live event. It is ok to help push off initially with the main handler, if two handlers are needed. See Dixie Shootout rules for more details.

Round 1 at New Smyrna Beach, FL on 2/27- 166 cars registered / 78 drivers

Red Rookies- 8
Blue Rookies – 4
Jr Honda – 12
Sr Honda – 26
Hvy Honda – 22
Jr Animal – 10
Sr Animal – 12
Lt 160- 23
Hvy 160- 19
Lt WF- 11
Hvy WF – 13
UR Animal – 3
Mod – 3

Alex Pate
Ashton Miller
Austin Hazel
Bailey Scott
Ben Buzze
Blake Clouser
Braden Jones
Braden Scott
Braylon Morris
Brett Cassata
Caden Ashton
Cale Weavil
Caleb edington
Calloway Hill
Camden Brown
Carter Erickson
Carter Whalen
Case James
Cole Bennett
Colton Lane
Connor Lewis
Corbin Merrill
Easton Gardner
Ethan Gregory
Faith Reep
Gabby Melone Racing
Gage Pio
Gage Sizemore
Gavin Gardner
Grayson Pendley
Gunnar Pio
Hayden Wise
Holden Allen
Jackson Baker
Jackson Kent
Jacob faust
Jonathan Paulk
kaelyn kinley
Kaeston mcneill
Kaiden Hazel
Kale Van Sickle
kaleb cox
Kenan Brown
Kennedy Burrows
Landon Cox
Lane Christensen
Levi Morrow
Lincoln Smith
Logan Malone
Logan McNally
Logan Sulyi
Luke Yarbrough
Maddox Polce
Madison Gould
Madison Pritchett
Mason cantello
Max Reaves
Maxwell Wheeler
McKinley Burrows
Nicholas Cheeseman Jr
Noah Carpenter
Noah Faust
Parker Merrill
Parker Meyer
Peyton Knecht
Quinlan Pio
Reagan England
Reed Whitney
Riley Allen
Riley Kelley
Roo Reaves
Rowen Smith
Ryan Hodge
Ryder Huneycutt
Ryker mcneill
Seth Christensen
Tony Polce, Jr.

Zach Wigal

2021 Dixie Shootout Sponsorship Opportunity

The Dixie Shootout Series is seeking sponsorships for the 2021 season.

At all six (6) events, each driver will receive a registration packet with an updated newsletter that will include the sponsors’ ad and/or coupon. Also at each event the track will be surrounded with large flags displaying the series’ sponsors.

The first race on February 27th in New Smyrna, Florida is quickly approaching!

Please contact secretary@dixieshootout.com to get your sponsorship flag ordered today!

About the Dixie Shootout Series:
The Dixie Shootout Series is a regional series for the USAC .25 series. Located in the Southeast region, the six (6) race series includes events in Florida, Alabama, North Carolina, Tennessee, and two tracks in Georgia. Each event is projected to bring in 75+ families.

2021 Dixie Shootout Officers and Volunteers

President- Jeremy Pate
V. President- Heather McFarland
Treasurer – Debi Supan
Secretary – Elisha James
Race Director – Dale Gross
Flagger – Preston Buckley / Levi Riffle
Raceiver- Ben McFarland
Tech Director –Dale Gross
Sponsorships/ Advisor – Butch Lamb
Disciplinarian- Casey Watson
Points Calculation- Heather Pate
Registration- Sabrina Gardner
Website- Jessica Bean
Tower Director – Heather McFarland
Tower Co-Director – Jo Hill
Apparel- Elisha James
Banquet and Trophies- Andrea Whalen, Donna Thrasher and Whitney Pritchett

Dixie Shootout Rule Changes for 2021

  • Friday night practice- cost is $5 per car
  • Tire infractions mirror USAC rules
  • Handlers will be required to work the corners during their drivers race. (Car #1,5 and 9 work corner 1, Car #2,6 and 0 work corner 2, Car# 3, 7 and X work corner 3 and Car#4, 7 and Y work corner 4)
  • Must compete in minimum of 5 of the 6 tracks for point championship. Best 5 finishes are used for calculation.
  • Jr class weight increase mirror USAC rules.
  • During red flag rain delay you may not work on your car under any circumstances. Working on your car during red flag rain delay will result in DQ. You may work on your car under yellow flag after rain delay is over.