2022 Breakfast of Champions

We hope everyone can join us for our Breakfast of Champions event at The Speedway Club at Charlotte Motor Speedway as we celebrate the successes of our 2022 Drivers and Series! This event is open to ALL drivers and families who wish to attend! Breakfast will be served buffet style and there will be some fun giveaways and great perks for all Dixie drivers! Best of all, ALL full membership Dixie drivers get a free ticket to attend! Please note this event is held the next day (Sunday) after the last Dixie Shootout race at North Carolina Quarter Midget Association (NCQMA).

🏁Registration for this event closes on Sunday, September 25th and 11:59pm.

🏁To purchase tickets and for additional details click here: https://dixieshootoutseries.ticketspice.com/2022-dixie-banquet?fbclid=IwAR19mJpFv8L4FCsvncsTPKWzZFELDBoaiUl33lwfcLYxePmz09tK4HPrY9g



Edited 1/7/2022

The 2022 Cook Out National Points

For 2022, competitors who elect to run for National Championship points will be required to run a minimum of 2 National Events and 2 Super Regional events (total of 4 events) to qualify for the National Ranking System. Dirt and Pavement Championships will be kept separate and all races must be on the surface type for that chosen Championship.


In 2022, USAC will introduce new “Super Regionals” into the National Points structure, which is just a new definition to the National Races held at Club Tracks in the past few years. The new definition comes with some slight modifications which allow MORE Clubs to host National Points events and capture ALL of the entry fee revenue to support the Club financially, and allow participants increased flexibility nationwide to race for the Cook Out National Championship.Each Region across the country will host one Super Regional event. Participants running for the National Championship must run a minimum of two (2) Super Regionals to qualify for National Points Rankings. The ranking system will use your AVERAGE points, so running more than 2 Super Regionals will only impact your total ranking based on your performance. Additionally, those who are comfortable with their points average after at least two events can “LOCK-IN” their points at anytime after meeting the minimum number of events (2 National, 2 or more Super Regional) to allow for added racing competition without the concern of impacting your points.


For 2022, a car count “bonus” per event will be added to your position points earned up to 20 cars per class. We have monitored larger events over the past 6 years and have found slight differences in car class counts at larger events. In fact, the Championship did have a car count bonus for National events just a few years ago. With the introduction of Super Regional events, the Car Count Bonus is returning into our formula to account for varying degrees of competition nationally.


All National and Super Regional races will count for National Points under the same point structure. Car Count bonus points will be specific to each individual event.We use AVERAGE POINTS to account for individuals who wish to race more than the minimum required 4 races (2 National. 2 Super Regional). Some competitors will find running more races can improve their overall points score and want to elevate their ranking throughout the year. There will be 3 National Races on Dirt and Pavement each, and multiple Super Regional events (we expect 4 for Dirt and more than 8 for Pavement). Running more than the minimum number of events impacts your overall ranking only based on how you finish.

For Competitors who are good with their average score but want to continue to participate in the larger events, you can LOCK-IN your National races and/or Super Regional races after achieving the minimum number of events in that category (2 for National, 2 For Super Regional). You can even Lock-In after running more than the minimum, for example after running four Super Regionals you can Lock In your Super Regional points and continue to run for fun the rest of the season.


Allowing “best number of races” and throwing out poor performances creates the ability for those who have the luxury of time and resources to enhance their performance simply by increasing the number of racing opportunities, and does not necessarily recognize top performance when all factors are considered. Yes, some will have a bad event, and that can be overcome with racing at an increased number of events to improve your average.

EXAMPLE shown below:

Dixie Region Race at HQMA

Car count as of 9/2/2021 – 110 cars

Red Rookie – 6

Blue Rookie- 5

Jr Honda – 14

Sr Honda – 18

Hvy Honda- 11

Jr Animal – 9

Sr Animal- 6

Lt 160- 10

Hvy 160- 8

Lt WF- 8

Hvy WF- 5

Unrestricted Animal- 5

Mod- 5

Dixie Shootout End of Season Banquet

If you are planning to attend the 2021 Dixie Shootout Banquet on Sunday, September 5th from 1-3pm, please click the link below to RSVP. It is free to attend thanks to all our series sponsors and apparel sales this year. There will be food and fun for everyone attending. https://forms.gle/KxdP2F3U7h2mGG9cA

May be an image of text that says 'DRINK heerwine BOTTLING COMPANY SINCE 1917'
Special Thanks to Cheerwine for sponsoring the 2021 Dixie Shootout Banquet.

NCQMA Dixie Shootout Race

Car Counts as of 8/3 at 10:45pm central

Red Rookie11
Blue Rookie13
Jr Honda22
Sr Honda22
Hvy Honda16
Jr Animal17
Sr Animal13
Lt 16021
Hvy 16012
Lt WF13
Hvy WF10
UR Animal5

Music City Region Race- Final Car Count- 162 cars (late registrants have been added)

  • Red Rookie – 6
  • Blue Rookie – 9
  • Jr Honda – 17
  • Sr Honda – 20
  • Hvy Honda- 14
  • Jr Animal – 15
  • Sr Animal- 14
  • Lt 160- 22
  • Hvy 160- 12
  • Lt WF- 15
  • Hvy WF- 10
  • UR Animal – 5
  • Mod- 3

Important schedule info about the upcoming Music City QMA Round 4 Dixie Shootout Race (Memorial Day Weekend):
🏁Practice is Saturday 5/29 at 1pm (2 rounds of controlled practice. No Charge.
🏁Sunday 5/30 Race day (No practice) We will roll straight into heats first thing in the morning.
🏁We are working out parking details. As soon as those plans finalized we will release that information. Parking will be very tight.

MAQMA Race Registration – 164 cars as of 10:00pm EDT 4/14/2021

  • 6- Red Rookie
  • 7- Blue Rookie
  • 17- Jr Honda
  • 23- Sr Honda
  • 18- Hvy Honda
  • 14- Jr Animal
  • 13- Sr Animal
  • 19- Lt 160
  • 16- Hvy 160
  • 14- Lt WF
  • 11- Hvy WF
  • 3- UR Animal
  • 3- MOD

FUEL STATION: 87 Octane, Chevron, 5516 Winder Highway, Braselton, GA 30517

Contact: If you need to reach us before, during or after the race feel free to email maqmasecretary@gmail.com

Track Address: 531 Winder Highway, Braselton, GA, 30517

Parking:No Parking on the pavement, only on the grass. Pavement must be kept clear so vehicles and carts can make it through. Electricity is not available in the parking areas.

Track Rules:Anyone operating a bicycle / scooter must wear a helmet. No person under 16 may operate a motorized vehicle on the property (Golf Cart, 4 Wheeler, etc.)