NGQMA 20th Annual Cotton Classic: September 12, 2015

NGQMA is holding its 20th annual Cotton Classic on 12-Sept-15.

Awards will be given to 1st – 3rd place

Because of scheduling conflicts with most of our volunteers we are going to be starting this Race later in the day.

Driver handler meeting will start @ 1:30
Registration will start @ 2:00 and end @ 3:00
Qualification will start an hour after Registration.

Due to time issues with the City, Qualification will be single car Qualification with 8 laps, 5 warm up and 3 on the clock. If the driver is not in there car and ready to go they will get A no time.

We will then have a 1 hour intermission, and should start racing @ 6:00

Practice on Saturday will be open from 11:30 – 1:20

Any questions please feel free to contact