IMPORTANT: Rule Modifications for Dixie Shootout Regional Series

  • Rainout rules modified as of 6/6/16 and Dixie Shootout rainout rules will mirror USAC (Appendix III, page 6)
    • Entire event rained out or any class that has not completed Qualifying (must be signed-in before event is called).  Drivers in all class/divisions will be awarded 30 (thirty) points.
    • All qualifying has been completed and A Mains / Lower Mains are rained out.
      • A-Main drivers awarded 45 points
      • B-main drivers awarded 21 points
      • C-main drivers awarded 10 points
    • Heat Races and Lower Mains have been completed and A mains are rained out.  A main drivers awarded 45 points.
  • Double race weekend registration rules (Applies to Huntsville race in September 2016):
    • Registration opens Friday, 9/2 from 5-7pm and Saturday from 7-8am.  Late registration will be open for 1 hour on Sunday (or 2nd day’s event) however anyone registering late will start at the rear of the lowest main.
  • Rookie 15 min time limit:  Timer will only pause for medical red and track repairs.  Timer will not stop for red flags to lineup rookies.
  • Rookies:  Max 6 cars per race

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