IMPORTANT: Rule Modifications for Dixie Shootout Regional Series

  • Rainout rules modified as of 6/6/16 and Dixie Shootout rainout rules will mirror USAC (Appendix III, page 6)
    • Entire event rained out or any class that has not completed Qualifying (must be signed-in before event is called).  Drivers in all class/divisions will be awarded 30 (thirty) points.
    • All qualifying has been completed and A Mains / Lower Mains are rained out.
      • A-Main drivers awarded 45 points
      • B-main drivers awarded 21 points
      • C-main drivers awarded 10 points
    • Heat Races and Lower Mains have been completed and A mains are rained out.  A main drivers awarded 45 points.
  • Double race weekend registration rules (Applies to Huntsville race in September 2016):
    • Registration opens Friday, 9/2 from 5-7pm and Saturday from 7-8am.  Late registration will be open for 1 hour on Sunday (or 2nd day’s event) however anyone registering late will start at the rear of the lowest main.
  • Rookie 15 min time limit:  Timer will only pause for medical red and track repairs.  Timer will not stop for red flags to lineup rookies.
  • Rookies:  Max 6 cars per race

Congratulations to Burkhart family


Congratulations to the Burkhart family who won the Briggs & Stratton generator from the Metro Atlanta Quarter Midget Region race. A HUGE thanks to Briggs & Stratton for donating the generator.

2-Day Event Qualifying

For the NCQMA and HQMA, 2 day shows, qualifying will be conducted a little different…

Qualifying for 2 day events in Huntsville and North Carolina will be held on the first event day, following one round of practice. The drivers first fastest lap will be used for the first day’s event and the second fastest lap will be used for the second day’s event.

Fuel to be purchased at Chevron on Saturday morning…

The track will NOT supply fuel. You need to purchase 87 Octane from the Chevron that is on Castleberry Road (directly up the hill from the track). Remember to drain your tank completely and use fuel purchased the morning of the race.

A sample from the Chevron station will be taken each race morning and cars that are subjected to post-race Tech Inspection may be checked for proper gas, at the discretion of the Tech Director, using NGQMA’s fuel testing device. If post-race testing indicates improper fuel and/or additives, it will result in a race disqualification.

Region Race at Cummings, GA this weekend…

  • Registration/Sign-in from 5-8pm and again on Saturday from 7-8am.
  • Optional practice Friday night from 6-8:30pm. Cost $10 per family which is paid to NGQMA.
  • Driver/Handler meeting at 8:30am Saturday.
  • Controlled practice beginning at 9am on Saturday at no cost. 2-minutes per class. Max 5 cars.
  • Batch qualifying immediately following practice. Lower and A mains to follow qualifying.