2021 USAC Rule Changes

  • Increased Jr. class weights 15 lbs to coincide with the increase in 2020 for the Senior classes.
  • The term of usage for restraints will be two (2) years from the date of manufacture as prescribed by the date on the restraint label for restraints labeled accordingly or when the restraint reaches the expiration date for restraints labeled with such. Restraints must be used in accordance to SFI specifications in regards to the size and weight of the competitor. It is the responsibility of the competitor, not USAC, to use restraints in accordance to SFI specifications.
  • A driver may run 160 once he or she meets the age and weight requirements for the respective class (Light or Heavy 160) and receives the approval from the Race Director and/or Rookie Director.
  • In order to run World Formula, or Formula Modified, a driver must have 12 months in an unrestricted class or Senior Animal and meet the minimum age requirements.